ETF's Request (Ark Invest)

Hello, i am wondering if you could add Ark Invest ETF’s in the platform. I’ve heard something about it being not complaint with European Regulations but firstly that’s exactly that, EE regulations, not UK and also i do own it in IG in the invest platform and i’m pretty sure they didn’t illegally add it.

been asked for a million times before, search the forum for answers, people have made pies to match ark etf’s

It’s coming tomorrow.

@Joey_Fantana is patroning it.

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… … … … …

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this a joke right? :eyes::joy:

It will be added tomorrow, stay tuned brow!

Dont get their hopes up… bit mean :joy::see_no_evil:


I take it back.


This is a better response than “tomorrow”.

oh wow its already here. Thanks for the link @chantal