EU Key Info Docs


I’m French. Should I be seeing a European Key Info Doc on your website? I think I’m still being delivered the old Key Investor Info Doc.

Is this against EU law? Should a broker of Trading 212-s size be compliant with relevant Laws?

Every ETF appears to have the old documents attached.

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I don’t think* that the EU/UK KIID formats have diverged yet?

That said I do think there is over regulation and too much information out there that confuses investors.

Congratulations on being one of the few that looks at them!

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They have

1 Jan 2023

UK now follows UCITs rules. EU follows PRIIPs

EU produces a KID

UK Produces a KIID

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We’re optimising the KID documentation process for ETFs, and once it’s done, the latest documents will always be available.

I think you just publicly stated Trading212 are currently non compliant with EU Regulations :roll_eyes:

Better hope no Regulators scan your message boards :open_mouth:

There’s normally a grace period for change :upside_down_face:


This is really strange behaviour. You must literally be the only person who cares about this ever. Bureaucratic crap from the EU / UK regulators.

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The KID/KIID objective is to help both the consumers (investors) and the financial institutions (asset management firms, banks, brokers).

For the first, it helps clarifying and for the last, it helps mitigating the potential litigation from consumers with the excuse of not being properly informed by the financial institutions.

I rather prefer information than the lack of it. To be able to make informed decisions.