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So just to be clear this is a new channel based on value investing and things to look over before buying a stock.

Personally I’m very new to investing and when I decided to learn about to stocks I took to YouTube. On initially doing this I found countless channels pumping stocks like Tesla, Nio etc. I bought into most of these companies as I had no idea how to value a company and could only see value in what the future may look for the company without considering the actual price of the stock.

This channel is very different. Nothing like the Pump stocks like Meet Kevin etc. If you’re new to investing I’d highly recommend watching some of their videos, I find the content clear educational and entertaining.

Definitely worth a look if you ever browse YouTube etc.Ive popped a link below for their analysis on SONY. There’s loads of videos on there. Hopefully it will help someone as it’s certainly helped me gaining a better understanding of value

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Thanks for this, but the first 3 minutes of this video they are almost essentially peddling the software they sell to analyse data. Most of this you can get from Yahoo/Google.

The part from 8/9 minutes is half decent but ti doesn’t explain how its doing it, just selling the software again.

Its not a bad way to look at it however, its basically taking past history, and 3 assumptions you plug in, and forecasting what the stock price will be, and an entry point to achieve the return you want.

Everyone is peddling something on YouTube these days, if you’re trying to find a finance channel that isn’t peddling software or a patreon you’re gonna have a bad time.

But I do like this channel, yes they’re promoting their software, but you don’t even have to buy it, they literally go through the 8 pillars - which can be done yourself, like Dougal says above with Yahoo Finance and other sites.

That being said you still need to understand what’s going on and they do go into in some detailed explanations. I’ve learnt quite a bit of fundamental info from this channel. So yeah hopefully others can benefit from it too.

You heard about the PlayingFTSE podcast…?


Check out money week, it’s just a guy and a white board, no selling his wares.

Some great videos for all levels, I spent many an hour with a pen and pad to this channel.

If you’re looking for some entertainment and general news for the way home, this is my daily podcast. Cramer is like marmite, but I like him (I’m not sure how much of that is for entertainment value, admittedly

This CNBC one is good for Europe news, and the presenters are really knowledgeable

The Baillie Gifford podcast is also a must, the ESG episode was really interesting

And give this a read


Hey! I don’t think I’m selling anything either, I don’t think I am anyway.

Then I guess Sven and Jimmy, I’m sure there’s a few others. Anything with hype will be selling a patreon though.


Ain’t no one buying what you’re selling bud.

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I understand they pump their software but nobody has to buy that. There’s helpful videos for people to understand the things to look for before making a purchase. It’s certainly helped me as I hadn’t a clue a few months back.

Cheers for the links I will take a look :+1:

Haha, you’ll have ads on playingFTSE to buy your course in no time :stuck_out_tongue: