New YouTube Channel | Dividend Investing

Hey everyone, I started a youtube channel where I document my investing journey (mainly dividend investing) and update on the portfolio with weekly returns and stock picks.
I would really appreciate feedback, so please comment if you have any :slight_smile: what do you think of the channel, editing, and the videos?


I’m going to start a new YouTube channel, think I’ve got my passion back for video making. Im not sure whether to make a new channel for investing or uploaded it among all my other stuff on my old channel :thinking: Gonna go watch it now and I’ll like and subscribe!



Everyone’s going crazy for dividends right now!

About 75% to 80% of all calls to the FinKi API are for dividend data points so people can monitor their progress in Google Sheets.

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Go for it! I will have a look at your videos when you do. Thank you for subscribing :grin: