Youtube videos/software equip

Can anyone recommend anything I’d need to start a YouTube channel? Hopefully wanting to start my own asset management company in next few years so need to get my following up haha!

How long will you wait until selling a “Make $1 million in one day Stonk Trading” course for $1000?

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what do you mean how long will I wait? Or did you mean how long will it take? Cos I’d never do that, that’s just silly. If your serious about making money you be transparent on everything especially if you want people to invest in you

The easiest way to make £100 is to sell a course on how to make £100

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But that can only happen for so long and rep will fall I’d rather let them give me money I go invest return profit haha

I would reckon that you shouldn’t need much more than a good microphone, a decent laptop. Far more important will be your ability to demonstrate that you can produce consistent returns. The best YouTube videos I follow have low production values but say stuff that is insightful and works and they have proven track records. That kind of thing will be far more important to you than anything equipment can provide.

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Yeah true, I’m all good on the look side of it I can edit etc but haha definitely, some people just say any stock someone else says no thought in it, up to now I’ve had good returns from what I’ve invested

Nice and congratulations. How far down the road to starting this company are you?