Ex-div dates provided

We have Div Ratio % available on div stocks so how about giving ex-div dates also.

This information would help save time looking up this info elsewhere.

Also how about a scanner or a list for ALL DIV STOCKS instead of painstakenly manually going through every single stock looking for dividend stocks!!


Applaud that idea :clap:

So fed up of looking this up piecemeal and independant of the app, extremely time consuming when could have this in-app.

A indicator or icon (akin to fractional symbol) for if dividend or growth stock would be a marvellous addition :slight_smile:


Yeah this would be great for all the dividend investors on here

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Or how about including dividends for owned stocks on the economic calendar?


Yup. A simple indicator/reminder of when dividends are due to be both due and then paid. that way we can plan for either the DRP investment boost or the dividend. in fact a blended historical average of dividends over the last 1 year would be perfect to even lan yields with holdings… so if I say put 30K in a Dividend ETF it could estimate the monthly/quarterly payouts based on previous performance (guide only)

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