Dividend calendar/dates


New to the platform but enjoying it so far. One thing that’s apparent as I add stocks to my portfolio is no obvious way to see upcoming and future dividend dates/amounts. I cAn find these on other websites of course but is a big hassle to keep on top of it manually. Is there a hidden feature I’m missing where o can see of my stocks which ones have dividends and when etc?
If not then what tool/app do people use for this?



I don’t have this with any of my brokers but this would definitely be useful.

For US stocks I use “Stock Events” app on my phone. Would be nice to have in T212 so I don’t need to go to other app/site.

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Dividend calendar is already in the pipeline, it will be implemented in the near future.


Agree. I love the feature it shows the predicted dividends based on your holdings. However Stock Events doesn’t subtract tax.

How near is near? Good to hear it is something in the pipeline though :slight_smile:

Glad to here its in the pipeline Martin, hopefully soon (this year?).

Thanks Matt_C I will check ‘stock events’ out, shame if just US stocks as i have a good 30% of stocks are UK listed, also many ‘dividend focus’ ones of mine are UK. But this will help fill a void until new feature added.

Might be useful… :point_down: