Add Ex-Div Date and Pay Date

Hi @Team212 ,

As the title implies I think it would be great addition for dividend paying stocks to show the Ex-Dividend Date and Pay Date.
I know you already pay for the Bloomberg data feed so this should not add any aditional costs except the development cost of modiffing the UI.

For ease of use I suggets thses 2 dates are added above or below the Dividend Yield.

I’m sure anybody can find these dates online with a coulple of clicks, but why exit the app and search on google when a function{} can call and show these 2 dates within the app.

Thank you for looking into this.


Hey @Rygel :wave:

We appreciate you taking the time to share this idea with us. I’ll pass it along for consideration and keep you posted on the developments.


Totally agree with this and I’ve raised before. I’ve not checked in a while, but the dates in the notification from 212 are wrong, so I generally ignore them(not much of a dividend investor), but would be good if the information was accurate.

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I am all for this idea. I use Stock Events app right now, but recently some dividends, which always showed up, aren’t showing up anymore. So the app is not 100% accurate anymore.