Excessive movement (up/down) price alerts

I think that the movement alerts are a good idea but a poor implementation without bid/offer prices. I have adjusted the alerts to only generate an alert with a 10% movement but even with that, today I got 38 alerts from a single stock.

The main problem is T212 determination not to use bid/offer prices. That aside I did suggest that the system remembers the max and min price that day that generated an alert for a particular stock and not generate a new alert if the price is between those two values (or equal to either of them). That would prevent generating endless alerts simply because price if going between bid and offer with a wide spread and once an initial alert is generated would ensure that further alerts are only generated if the price actually moves.

The answer I’ve previously been given is “disable the alerts” which isn’t a terribly helpful answer. In principle the alerts are a good idea but not when you get 100 of them for companies with large spread and when the price actually hasn’t moved. It is exactly these companies that I would like an alert for if the price actually does start to actual move. Often the price for these high spread companies sit either with no movement until they start to move significantly or they sit in a very tight range (but with large spread). So I would like to catch as soon as the price does actually start to move because that can often signal a large move to come in the near future but getting 38 alerts a day for one stock is crazy (when the price hasn’t actually moved)

Sorry to hear that, @WakeMeUp - 38 alerts for a single stock does sound like a lot. Could you let me know the ticker of the instrument so I can check this with the team?

I would tend to agree:

1 is there a way for all stocks not to have a 10% price movement alert? I’m fairly certain I added none of them, and I had several today.

2 I think we should start a second thread / petition to see the general view of bringing back the bid/ask spread.

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@Dougal1984 , I will try to check later but as a quick answer I believe somewhere in the settings you can remove the 10% alerts from all stocks with one click (a disable option). I saw it about a week or two ago.

Also, if it’s just a few stocks that you don’t want an alert from, click on the stocks from the list you own and then go to the alerts (lower down in the page) and remove the 10% alert.

Also, I agree that it would be better to manually select which stocks we want a 10% alert from.

I also agree with creating a poll to gauge interest in going back to showing bid-ask spread or whether to keep the last traded price.


I wish T212 would sort out the functionality of the price movement alerts. In the last couple of minutes I have received 38 alerts for one stock and the market isn’t even open. Stock is SOUN

I think the movement alerts are very useful if they work properly but if you get an alert that the price has gone up to $10 and then an alert that its gone down to $9.2 0I don’t think I should then get another alert that its at $9.90 and then another at $9.30 then another at $9.80…

One problem is bid/offer spread. I have some shares with a spread of 5% or more so I get loads of alerts when the price hasn’t even moved just that last trade went from buy to sell to buy to sell…

Even where there is volatility it would (I think) be best to keep a daily record of highest and lowest alert price and not generate new alerts if the price is simply moving between those two levels. If it goes outside of them, yes generate a new alert but if it is bouncing around between the high/low alert price for that day I don’t want to know. Just to further clarify (in terms of the actual algorithm) the high/low alert price shouldn’t be the previous close they should start as null values and only be set by a high/low alert so that if the price closes at 10$ and gaps up to $12 it should generate a high alert but should still generate a low alert if it goes down 5% from $12 ($11.40) which becomes the low alert but if it then bounces around between 11.40 and 12 no more alerts but if it goes below 11.40 then issue another low alert. Just my opinion