Price Alerts Broken

Price alerts seem to have been completely broken these past couple weeks.

Removed price alerts reappearing, triggered price alerts reappearing, price alerts being duplicated. The list goes on…

Can this be looked into ASAP please.


I keep on getting (small) mobile price alerts being triggered right after placing them on this specific stock, is this assumed volatility? Because neither T212 nor Level 2 market data had hit that price at the time.

Higher price alerts don’t trigger, it’s only in dollar increments where I’ve consistently noticed this.


Anyone else getting price alerts triggering when price is nowhere near?

e.g. PLTR $25.xx alerts triggered and again when I try replace them they instantly trigger, stock is trading $27+

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my alerts have only triggered when prices jumped today. nothing when it shouldn’t have.

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still broken :frowning: some price alerts are triggert instantly but price did not drop to that level

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@masba I will DM you to discuss your case.

Been seeing the same for a while. Prices are off for a few stock today.
Regularly see price alerts hit instantly, especially if the stock has been at that price at some point in the last hour.

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Hi @random53

If you experience any issues, you can DM me and provide me with a video on the matter.

It is some time zone issue for sure. I checked the REST response of setting a price alert and the time-zone was off. Please let your dev team FIX this should be easy. My advice is to always use UTC times or Epoch time (Just as you are already doing it for the stock price in websocket ;D)


Please fix, still happening, VERY annoying :frowning: