Exchanging trading ideas


And avoiding all the CFD problems.

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FCEL up 20% today…

I think if you want to share your trade or investment idea, your best bet is fintwit not here. Only because the format of this forum is so odd, threads get buried quickly. If fintwit, you need a deep qualitative and quantitative analysis so others can confirm or challenge your argument; others use fintwit to pump their agenda with a 5-min DD as well. Discord or stocktwits rooms is another option. GL.

Agree about LAC - too high. I have been watching this and hasn’t dipped.


Are you thinking we might get a whiff of 16?

Don’t know. To be honest, I don’t care about short term pull backs. They happen. I am not adding shares and think about long term. I only sell when needed.

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Do you have a PT figure in mind? Or just waiting for a big sell signal? Or just whenever you want to free up the funds?

No PT… As long trend is up, I don’t touch it.

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Sold today at $20.50, an old limit order I forgot to cancel :laughing: