Pre Market / After Hours $DWAC/$PHUN

Crazy moment pre market on $DWAC and $PHUN.

Wish trading 212 offered pre market or after hours trading . Feeling gutted not to be able to take advantage of some momentum plays.

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You had all day yesterday…


True. But PM or AH trading has been very profitable for people (see twitter etc) . I think people would welcome if trading 212 offered that . Is it only webull that offers this service?

Absolutely they would - I’m one of them - and it’s definitely in the pipeline.

Webull, Moomoo and I think TD Ameritrade all offer across the pond.

Not sure about Europe. I think there are a couple, but IBKR offer it, but they don’t offer ISAs and I think there may be charges, so you’d need to take the rough with the smooth on that one.

What is your prediction for today’s prices? Tempting to buy some and hope for 3x gain on hype :heart_eyes:

It’s not lost momentum yet so could get a bit crazier.

Honestly - it’s only worth $300m cash and it’s now up to a $2.5bn mcap.

I think AMC hit about 30bn at its peak?

Not a great strategy.

The platforms that offer pre market trading or after hours trading have done their clients proud today lol. Many of them would have over 100% return even before the market officially opens.

We here at trading 212 so far behind . Playing catch-up . May be one day we will get there

I think its one of those time where it can’t be valued as a normal company.

I think people are buying in part as a protest against the woke left and Biden.

Don’t see why this can’t go as high as gamestop.

I don’t have a position, but think also Trumps social media platform will be highly successful.

Tried to fill $PHUN at market open didn’t go through haha . We have a great platform.

Yesterday I tried to fill $PHUN during market open price was below $2, waited for more than 5 minutes but didn’t get filled. So moved on…

The rest is history sadly. I have given up complaining. Just have to go with the flow

Farewell @MohammedS. Let us know what broker you move over to. Perhaps we’ll follow :sunglasses:

Won’t be moving for the time being. Just hoping that the service improves. Love the app !

Trying to fill $MARK not going through.

Like really it’s hard to get anything through…

It’s kind of frustrating that one has to change his approach strategy due to the limitation of trading 212. Many missed opportunities.

Don’t like to come here in the forum and say this. Had trading 212 provided better service I won’t be here writing about the limitations.

Still waiting for $MARK to fill…

Over 10 minute … going to give up.

Thank you trading 212

No need for crappy reason about liquidity.

Has it been halted, looks volatile?

2 market halts about 2h ago :slight_smile: screen shot shows EST time.

No. I tried again to add $Mark.

Left market order to buy and it stood there for over 15 minute now lol. Now the US market is closed haha. I tried to get in because lots of volume and could go after hours….

But yeah have to miss out again. Sometimes you are forced to get into plays because you can’t get into the one you wanted (I have lost money like that) sadly.

It’s hard to do momentum play on trading 212. They either don’t go through / provide silly excuses lol .

  • Yesterday $PHUN was at under $2: I put buy order did not fill. Waited for some time.

Today $PHUN open at $9+ = lost opportunities.

  • Today I try to fill $MARK around $1.70 : did not fill also.
    After few hours $MARK hit $2.20+
    Lost opportunities.

At the end of day: out of frustration I got into other plays : = lost money.

I don’t like the hassle of moving from one broker to another: I don’t like to start registration process again. That’s why to avoid those I’m still staying here. Not because of the service being offered - it’s very poor.

You get what you pay for. The order flow can limited so we need to sit in queue and wait to be filled on the kind of stocks.