Exportable Data


Is there anyway we can get exportable data about our trades directly in to CSV or even a text file please



I requested the feature a while ago so it’s either in their considerations list already, or they are in the process of working on it as we speak :smiley:

the next couple of weeks will show us if its being implemented.


Thank you, would of thought it would have been 1 of the first things they thought of to be honest.
Oh well i’ll keep copying and pasting for now :slight_smile: thanks for the heads up

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Why? Such detailed spreadsheet tracking is for the anal of the anal. Even me tracking the grand total across platforms every 2-3 months is pretty anal

Some of us like to use multiple services to view our portfolio and these are easier to manage when you can just use the data import function. Lots of platforms and brokers already offer this so it’s simply a matter of parity so you have the option available.


Yeah like I said…

It is not being anal to want to have an accurate and easily compared record of what you did with your portfolio.

even if the typical list just consists of lines of stock, share number, date and cost. when you import that to a website you can more easily use to compare future potential stocks, it makes sure that the value reading that tracker displays is accurate. perhaps additional versions that include more data like dividends would be available, but these don’t need to be the baseline.

I will use T212 for my portfolio, but its easier to research companies on an external website like simplywall.st and use their understanding of your portfolio to help you in mitigating risks. a simple export means I can make my portfolio data on their site match up with what i see on the T212 platform.

being anal is making a comprehensive spreadsheet that consists of multiple tables of data, all the relevant business metrics and further sheets of data to compile with formulae into a variety of charts and pies for historical and predicted values. a simple export feature is just about ease of use.

its a feature you will likely only use a few times, but that’s not to discount how useful a feature it is. you’re clearly a very passive investor. I myself am more active because while I don’t check my holdings more than once a week, I do check my weighting and exposures to inform my near-constant research into potential additions on a more frequent basis.

I don’t know how long you have been investing and how much of a foundation you built up before getting where you are now. But I am in my first year of growing my portfolio to include the variety of companies I want to hold for the next 5-15 years, fortune permitting. I only use a single platform and a single tracking site that also provides research material on companies. do tell me how that makes wanting an export feature “anal”.


tl;dr anal justification :smiley: if you like it as a hobby then c’est la vie. I stick to ETFs so I don’t have to double guess myself every month whether I made the right decision buying x or if to sell y because some quarterly figures didn’t meet expectations

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I would like export to .csv for the reports. Copy and paste doesn’t keep the format.


Would also find this very useful!

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This is a must! I personally keep track of all trading operations on a Google Sheets for my tax report and it is now a very tedious process as I must manually insert everything dozens of times per week. This is a basic feature present in almost all brokers. I believe it will come soon :slight_smile:


Just want to bump this. Now that we have the awesomeness that is pies and 8 decimal fractional shares, I would really appreciate the ability to export my holdings, average price and quantity.

It’s getting a bit difficult to manage manually in my database.


Exportable data is a major concern especially in terms of taxes. Every country has other tax requirements and being able to export the report would really reduce the pain and potential errors when doing the tax report.
Please consider adding this feature.


We know this feature is a must and will do it.


Would it be possible to have a GraphQL API endpoint (accessible with our account credentials access token scoped ‘read-only’) to our account data? IT would help everyone get exactly the information they’re after for metrics in Excel or whatever other parser people use.
Alternatively a csv or JSON API please.


I know this was mentioned here a few times, but does anybody know if this option (transactions history export to csv/xls) will be available on the platform anytime soon?



Apologies if this has already been suggested.

I just assumed it would be possible to export to excel or a csv file. Would really like this if it isn’t available already. (I haven’t looked for an option yet)

It’s not! But yes would be extremely useful.

See in this thread