Portfolio trackers and tools

Some tools like Wallmine, Seeking alpha, and Yahoo finance have been mentioned here.
And I’ve been bombarded by Sharesight ads recently. Could you use the exported csv files from your Trading 212 and upload them to one of these platforms? (without or with minor tweaks)

How do you utilise the Export history feature in Trading 212?

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I use google sheets as highly customisable. The interface to upload to wallmine is too restrictive and it defaults to US listings first.

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I’m still looking for a solution for this also. Currently I use my own basic Excel spreadsheet, but an Application which can fully utilise the export from 212 would be ideal. Some I have tried require some messing around and honestly I’d like a nice GUI and range of tools to project / visualise and group my investments all in one place.

For example having and ISA and Invest account with 212 and then a Free trade account all tracked which the same Portfolio manger which lets me so me overall and individual investment totals would be great.

Any suggestions very welcome.

Try this:


You can drop the CSV history in and it does some cool stuff.


Thanks @Dougal1984 and @Scott for the input.
@Scott I guess one could find an easy tool to slightly tweak the CSV file you get when you export your Trading 212 history, provided that it contains all the data needed for the portfolio tracker.

Looks very interesting @Donaldo_Duckarelli! I’ll definitely try it, thank you!