Exportable Data

Hey were you able to figure this out?
I just had quick look my best guess is that the endpoint has a limit on the amount of data or time it can return, when you scroll down the endpoint is hit with a different date…pagination is probably required…I’ll have a crack later…

I have almost 40 companies in my portfolio and I uploaded the file to my portfolio manegement software without any problems.

Google… always google; search: “csv file trading 212”

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The chrome extension is great… Thankyou… But why does it miss off the first row(ie the first position) on the export. Have even tried reversing sort order before export… Still misses first position in sorted list. Tried export from row 0 rather than 1, same… Any ideas?


Good Morning,

honestly George, it is a still worrying, that the Report/Export function is not coming ! Year is coming to an end, and we all have to start making our tax returns !

Am really getting a bit worried to be honest…

We need an update on this one urgently…

best regards


Hi. Yes, I realised later the missing of the first row…

What I would like and I suggest to Trading 212 is that they ‘invest’ strongly in creating some MUST HAVE features that we are trying import or resolve for ourselves for months. The CSV export is a basic feature, as maybe other features to manage our portfolios. Nowadays I am still trying to find the best FREE software portfolio management . As trading 212 clients, I think we should be able to find some features (for free, to have more gains at the end of the month/year) like we find in Barchart, StockRover and many others… I call all this ‘investing’ in your clients, the same ones that are making your company grow.


Implementation has started recently. Soon you’ll be able to export your account history as CSV or PDF. :slight_smile:


Will this include the dividend history and details about tax deducted etc. It’s a long-awaited and highly requested feature and I’m wondering if it’s included in this report. Thanks!


Excellent news… Thanks George, keep us posted :slight_smile:

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@George - u made my day :smiley:

This is great news ! Cant wait :wink:

Finki, you have my respect!

gracias @bobf14


But you really shouldn’t. I’m a :clown_face:

Early January 2021 at the latest would be great!!

Yes, Yes, Yes. I have the same concerns.

Getting closer :slight_smile:


Thanks George. The transparency of the Team in this community is what really sets apart this company.
Keep up the good work!!!


Thank you so much!

Hello everyone,

If wrote a simple tool to export all transactions into CSV and JSON format. I wanted to import to Yahoo Finance so, the CSV is compatible with that.

Check it out here - https://praveendath92.medium.com/export-trading212-transactions-as-csv-yahoo-finance-298db9892a43


Thanks a lot for the improvement @George! But this is available in the Trading 212 pc version?

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Is this available in the Beta ios app? Can i try using Test flight?

Are we allowed to use these URLs?
Would we get the entire history using these URLs?

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