Extend trading stocks

Is there some list of extend stocks to see or download ?

If you’re referring to Invest and ISA accounts, all US stocks listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ are available for EMH trading. You can use the filters on our ‘Trading Instruments’ page :point_down: to find all available instruments.


Now, we’re also enabling 24/5 trading - a new feature we’re gradually rolling out to all US stocks. This will let you trade US stocks non-stop, Monday to Friday.

In CFD accounts, the extended hours trading is available for the most liquid and widely traded US stocks. A list of those CFDs isn’t available, but you can determine if the market is open for the instruments you’re interested in by clicking the button shown in the image below.


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Thanks for answer.
What about CFD ?

Currently, there isn’t a publicly available list of the CFD instruments that support extended hours trading. We’ll consider having one, though.