Listings and extended hours

@Team212 Hi Team,
I’ve only just started trading CFDs and I wonder how/why certain stocks aren’t available on the CFD platform but they are on the Invest side (e.g.: GREE, IRNT) ?
Can we just request them to be added through this forum or is there a technical reason for this and they’ll be added in due course ?

I’ve also noticed extended hours trading isn’t available for all stocks some can be traded after hours/pre market (e.g. TSLA, BABA) while other can’t (e.g. AMC, CIM), is there a rule here ?
I initially thought this was related to the stock exchange on which they are listed but I can find both extended hours tradable assets and non tradable on NASDAQ and NYSE…


Only the most active stocks are added to CFDs. Some stocks have extended trading. Most of them are the big or volatile stocks, like TSLA. I don’t know if there is an exact criteria to get them extended hours.

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@chantal thanks for your reply. I’d guess AMC is almost as volatile, if not more than TSLA, but it’s not available for trade in extended hours…