Extended hours CFD trading FSLY - can we get this before earnings on August 5th please

They announce earnings after market close on August 5th… please add this to after market trading.

NKLA was recently enabled and they have similar pre/after market volume.

I’m aware of the risks of out of hours trading.


I would also like this. It’d be a great safety net in case it’s a case of what happened to Slack - massive run up and then tanked instantly when they released earnings.

@David @Team212 pretty please. :slight_smile:

NKLA was added the same day somebody requested it.

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@David @George @Team212

Just bumping this. Any chance this could be activated before their earnings on Wednesday after close? It’s very likely I’ll soil my pants in shock if Fastly tank after hours and I can’t get out in time.

Bonus if you could do the same for DDOG and LVGO but not as pressing. Thanks.

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