Trading 212 gives posibility to trade Pre-Market and Post-Market?

I don`t if this is possible. can someone advise me?
Thanks in advance.

@cipikkus Possible with CFDs, impossible with equities (Invest), for now.

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@David thank you for your answer.
Please tell me this is valid for all CFDs or for some of them?
What is the time (before and after) for this type of trade (Pre-Market and Post-Market)? I ask you that because I see this community the only place where I can find some real answers.
I am sorry if I am stress.

For now? Hm :thinking:. Does it mean that it’s in the plan???

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@Dumitru_C Yes


@cipikkus Some, mainly the bigger names but we’re working on enabling it for all US CFDs.

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Thank you @David for your quick reply. Do you mind to share with us the date of the Big release?
Thanks :wink:

@Dumitru_C End of Q3 if all goes well.


Thank you @David, cannot wait.
Stay safe and healthy everybody!

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Not all CFDs. I found some that are only tradable when market is open.

That means that are some tradable in PreMarket and PostMarket? You could give us some exmamples (with these CFDs)?

TSLA or APPL are tradable from 10:00am CET until 2:00am CET.

FCEL is tradable from 3:30pm until 10:00pm (market hours US)

All of the above are also traded on Xetra in Germany.

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hi guys will you be getting this feature

Advice from staff is end of Q3.

Yes a very much needed end of Q3? @David

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@David Will it be possible to add pre market and after hours trading feature on US stocks from Invest account please, like Robinhood does in the US?

If this is something already on your roadmap, then when will this feature be available for us to use on Invest account?

Many thanks and hope to hear from you shortly.

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@SaifAhmed this question has been answered by David and other staff. at the end of Q3 this feature will likely be enabled. in the meantime extended hours (pre-market/after hours) is available on some US stocks via CFD account.

Revolut recently added Extended Hours trading and multiple order types. In their beta app tho.

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I don’t trade currency and thought it performed within extended hours, seems you have a solution to your current problem.

I don’t know what you mean but I was just putting it out for people who are looking for ways to invest free in US stocks in the extended hours.

Have only 1 broker is not always wise.

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