Facebook suddenly disappear from my portfolio list?

Does Anyone else have the same problem
My Facebook Stock suddenly disappear from my portfolio.
I saw it yesterday but disappear today ??

if this is on iOS or Android, you haven’t pressed the filter button have you so that it filters out PIE or Single Instrument stocks.

Like here…

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It is on android.
I can not see that several lines on the right.
Also it is individual stock, not pie …

It is under the name Meta Platform today.


HA, didnt even think to mention it has changed Trading Names considering its been on the news for 3 days straight :smiley:

This could actually be the reaoson?

Thanks Got it, I could now see Meta Platform


They’re really going all out with this metaverse thing arnt they.

I expect they will try to trademark the term next.

Yes I have read the documentation why they rebrand it to Meta Verse. It is actually risk taking given the popularity of of the branding Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram for future benefit. Mark Zuckerberg believe that Metaverse, virtual-reality space will become the nest generation of internet.