My portfolio has vanished - IT bug?

Dear Trading212 team,

I really need your help. I’ve been using the iOS App for a few days and I was really happy. I’ve added my first funds, I invested in my first stock, however, when I tried to open the website on my laptop to add more funds, my portfolio literally disappeared, and with that my investments. In my “History” it’s not even shown that I have bought those stocks. I tried to contact the phone number 10 times yesterday, but no reply. I also sent 3 messages with both the app and the website forms but no answers. The live-chat is currently unavailable. I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer me.

Kind regards,

Well no, there isn’t a bug.

All your positions and portfolio are present in your Practice account. It seems like you mistakenly managed that account instead of the Real money one.

I’ll send you a DM to share more details. :mailbox_with_mail:

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Indeed, there’s isn’t a bug. My bad. Sorry for this misunderstanding. I just found my positions on the demo account.
Thank you so much for your help Tony. Very fast and efficient!!

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Dear Tony,

I sold 2200 shares of hexo on limit order using my trading 212 invest account today (09/06/2020) as soon as the market opened. Once that was processed i got a message saying something related to negative balance. Right now I can see everything is zero in my portfolio section whereas in the top middle I can see only some of my my funds. The rest are missing. I even deposited further funds to see if that would help bring them back but it didn’t. Please help!