Where have tickers gone? - ✅ Solved

I just upgraded to latest beta Android app 5.6 6. Now all stocks show full names and I cannot find a setting to show only tickers. :thinking:

I still have tickers. As well as full names. Wasn’t it always like that? I can’t remember now :see_no_evil:

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I used to be able to make a choice in settings whether to show full names or just tickers. That settings choice seems to have disappeared.

This option is gone

I didn’t even know that option was there :flushed:

I’m not on beta but what do you see under this menu?

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Just this

The top slider is gone.


Can confirm after installation of latest beta build, slider gone.


Is it a bug or a new feature?

Each time a new release comes out I eagerly look to see if it is yet possible to go from pie holdings list to stock detail page with a single tap, rather than having to tediously go back, instruments list, scroll to search again and tap.

Now impossible to distinguish some holdings like first, fifth and sixth here!

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I wonder if any of @Team212 have seen this thread and can confirm this is a bug.

Hi everyone, this is not a bug. We removed the option as it was a bottleneck for several performance optimisations we did, and because very few people had it disabled.

I agree that having multiple ETFs from the same issuer makes it difficult to distinguish. We will find a solution for this.


@George While we’re in that menu, I noticed at the weekend that the weekend trading option in practice mode has also disappeared - is this something that is also being removed?

Not a major issue really, I was just trying to show one of my friends how the platform worked but wasn’t able to place any “orders” to demonstrate that bit.

@BenP Yes, ‘Weekend trading’ in the practice account is gone for the same reasons.

Not a big problem in the grand scheme of things. I did check the help centre to see if it was removed, but this article suggested it was still a feature just FYI.

@George Could put tickers in the icons, as already happens for some. Eg

But maybe people prefer to see the iShares name

I think you said this was a feature built into the software, but which had been switched off initially. Can it now be switched on? Or is it also something that is not implemented because it would be bad for performance?

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:cry: shame to see that ticker option go, I never had the names shown feels really weird after a year of looking at the tickers


I feel the same. I tend to ignore the names and only think of KO, MO, SO, VUSA, SUWS, etc. I am surprised to learn that few people have chosen to display only tickers.


Did the search work differently in tickers only?

Reason why I dislike having Ticker only display, as search doesn’t like tickers…

Search still works with tickers and is much easier than trying to write the name

Works for select 2 character tickers.

For 1 character, no go.
For most 2 character also no go.