Factor Investing and Intl. Devl. asset class

I’m a firm believer of factor-based investing, and believe a lot of more investors are also interested; however, the current offerings are somewhat limited. The UK/DE listed ETFs on Trading 212 (as far as I can see), say, the iShares ones, only offer value and momentum, missing out on quality, size, and multi-factor - which iShares also offers. Small-cap value is also only avaliable for US and Europe.

Personally, I’d love to see the US listed iShares Edge Multi-Factor ETFs (LRGF, SMLF, INTF, ISCF, EMGF) and the Avantis Investor ETFs (AVUS, AVUV, AVDE, AVDV, AVEM) get added, as they are ones of the few series that cover the whole global market allocation, use research proven methodologies, and do so at reasonable costs. Even if they may not have UCITS counterparts, but could they be added for those not based in the EU? If they have UCITS counterparts - all the better.

Lastly, I noticed the lack of the International Developed (ex. US) asset class. Granted, this is not a US based company, but having only Europe, US, and emerging markets avaliable leaves us awkwardly missing out on some developed countries not from Europe, such as Canada, Japan and South Korea. And even if we could individually gain exposure to this via country ETFs, it’d be quite a hassle.

Love the platform and would be thrilled to see these added. Thank you!