Option Trading Platform Recommendation

Hi folks, not sure if T212 is planning to bring option trading anytime soon (2021? 2022? 9999?)
anyway, can anyone share their favourite option trading platform that is suitable for UK resident?
i have seen Saxo, Tasty works, Interactive Broker,…
which one would you say is best value for frequent, small position trading?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Not Saxo. I currently use TastyWorks because I prefer the UI - main drawback is it is an absolute pain to fund (I use a Barclays USD account but you can do currencyfair as they recommend either). IBKR is good though, might even be lower on fees/commission - haven’t really worked it out properly so maybe someone else who does options can chime in.

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Saxo has a pretty shit UI - i had opened a demo account.

How is the experience of withdrawing & depositing money with Tasty Works?

I saw it has pretty low score on this area on some comparison website, like 2 out of 5

Is it easy to link UK bank account? is it instant transfer?

Best is to use IBKR. Second best Schwab and lastly Tasty works.

Easiest to fund is IBKR. Schwab you can also fund with local bank transfers, but they charge a very small FX fee.

TastyWorks, I don’t have much experience with and don’t use. But it’s the cheapest