Fees over night

What are the fees on open positions with CFDs overnight d you have that kind of fees in the investing category?
And you have inactivity fees and if so inactivity means when you stop coming with money into the account?

The fees (interest) depend on the instruments and quantities being held. You can check this before you place the trade by clicking on the ‘i’ button on the right hand side of the web app chart screen.

The inactivity fee I do believe exists at $10 per month if no log in within 3 months but don’t quote me on it, I read it when i was skimming through the T&C’s a while ago now but as I won’t be inactive unless I’m dead or close my account, I didn’t take too much notice. What I do know is that it’s a log in and not funding that is required to avoid this fee.

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I think they removed the inactivity fee recently… but probably someone from t212 better comment on that.

There isn’t inactivity fee :slight_smile: