New Client Agreement

Hi, I was just reading the new client agreement and I see there is an inactivity fee for CFDs. I have a CFD account open but I do not use it, will I be charged an inactivity fee for not using this even though I use invest and ISA?

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Not sure about this, but on recent topics.

Unless something changed overnight :slight_smile:

It’s an issue with the formatting of the document - that paragraph had to be on the left side, along with the rest of the lines which are up to be amended. We’ll fix it, bear with us.

Edit: all good, the overview file was updated accordingly. Thanks!

Keep in mind that the file above is just an overview prepared for your convenience. The correct reference should be made with the actual agreement.

In fact, with the upcoming amendments, we’ll remove the inactivity from the contract to avoid confusion.


How difficult will it be to close the CFD account until needed, but still keep investing on the INVEST account?
I have observed that bank transfers to my INVEST account are added to my CFD account, even though there is a different IBAN for each.

The same applies to your CFD account.

As of the deposits - I’d suggest adding your Invest account ID in the reference field/notes upon submitting your bank wire.

On the other hand - moving funds between accounts is seamless and absolutely free. :v:

OK, if I understand correctly, it is NOT possible to close only the CFD account. I would have to close everything to get rid of it.

Before I do that, I may as well try adding my Invest account ID to the next bank transfer.

I agree that it was easy to move funds between accounts.

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