Financial Champions League 2021 - Financial Fantasy League

An interesting initiative for Trading 212 and financial companies could be the creation of a financial fantasy league, the “Financial Champions League 2021” (with possible marketing awareness/results for all the stakeholders).

A financial contest to create and manage a virtual portfolio, with people using the T212 Practice Web App or a Pie in the Practice Web App, made of the financial instruments present in T212 (stocks, ETFs, ETPs, ITs). It could have several categories or just one with mixed financial instruments for the sake of simplicity:

  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • ETPs
  • Investment Trusts (ITs)
  • Mixed financial instruments

One of the rules could be, to have at least one financial product from the sponsor(s) (ETFs, ETPs, ITs issuers) inside the portfolio, from the start to the end.

Each week, maybe the cutoff will be when the US markets close in Friday (after the US markets are closed, no one can trade in any way), the Virtual Portfolios will valuated and ranked.

The prizes could be free shares from issuers’ financial products, e.g.:

  • Weekly winner = 100 USD/GBP/EUR worth shares
  • Monthly winner = 200 USD/GBP/EUR worth shares
  • Final winners = 1st place 500 USD/GBP/EUR worth shares; 2nd place 300 USD/GBP/EUR and 3rd place = 150 USD/GBP/EUR

It will create more dynamism on Trading 212 and on the financial instrument issuers (mainly the ETFs, ETPs and ITs issuers). The related companies could have press marketing announcing the event and with regular (weekly?) updates (maybe a media collaboration between the related parties).

For example, as ETPs are a relative new financial instruments, it could be good as marketing and informative initiative (create awareness between the investors and public in general).

If Trading 212 use Practices Pies, it could show their innovation to outside people and bring more customers and it’s a good marketing tool for Trading 212. And could increase the use of Pies (the T212 Social Investing business area). Could also bring more close ties between T212 and some financial instrument issuers (mainly the ETFs, ETPs and ITs issuers). And of course, do an innovative initiative and distinguish herself even more from the rest of the other brokerages.

For T212 customers, besides the prizes, it could bring new investment strategies, ideas, knowledge and perhaps more financial literacy.

Some possible financial instrument issuers present in T212 that could participate, that are innovative and could benefit from extra marketing:

  • ETFs: HANetf, Rize, L&G (Legal & General), VanEck, …

  • ETPs: GraniteShares, Leverage Shares

  • Investment Trusts (ITs): Baillie Gifford, Jupiter, Polar Capital, …

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What do you think about that?


I really like the idea of a league table based on a practice pie. It means everyone can participate. For it to work, would it simply run from the 50k balance you can start your practice account with. Anyone that resets in the week/month is excluded from the competition until the next period starts? Weekly/monthly returns should also be based on the starting balance in your account as well.


I think the rules should be simple and easy to follow. The organizers, T212 and financial issuers, have to decide between them, as they are very important counterparts, and they should create the rules that suite their goals.

It’s like the UEFA Champions League, the organizers and sponsors. And we are the football players/teams.

Who knows if someone gets drafted to a big investment firm, due to his/her results? :wink: