2022 New 212 Features

Thought this would make an interesting thread.

What one feature/change would you like 212 to implement in 2022?

We can then see late 2022 if any of our thoughts / ideas come to fruition.

To start the ball rolling:

I would like the ability to setup standing orders with a reference to fund pies directly rather than my general account, which would then auto invest the spare funds for me, avoiding the 0.7% card provider costs.



This will have the greatest impact for me for AutoInvest - fund pies directly, or at least - let the pie fund itself from the free funds.


I’d like rich text editing features in pies and more word count allowances.

I’d also like to be able to hold notes against my stocks

And obviously pies within pies. That would be sweet.

  1. in specie transfer ISA
  2. in specie transfer ISA
  3. in specie transfer ISA

stocks & market news plus analysts forecast - just copy HL & AJ without the fees :+1:


I’m obviously not necessarily expecting 212 to change their roadmap; but maybe after a few months we can add up the suggestions to do a poll with the top 3 in suggestions, to measure what people actually want?


I’d like them to enable users to select an option for requesting stock icons to each instrument.

I would like a further enchantment of the pie dividend reinvest.

Currently when the fund threshold is reached the pie auto invests the money according to the targets -

but I would also like an auto reinvest option that reinvests the dividends according to the ‘self balancing’ option you can choose when you manually put money into a pie and then we would be able to toggle between which type we want in the auto reinvest tab


Yes, Trading 212 please let us ad notes! They should be visible on the price chart too!

Portfolio chart performance comparison with indices, like S&P500


That would be so depressing for 95%+ percent of the people. 🥲

  • A new (old) feature: Addition of new ETFs/ETPs, specially EUR-denominated ETFs. As they are suspended for almost a year.
    (At least ETFs aren’t suspended by the financial regulator or IBKR due to suspicious transactions like penny stocks or other iliquid stocks. :wink: )

  • Other new (old) feature: Addition of crypto ETPs, at least for EU investors (as UK investors aren’t allowed to buy crypto ETPs in UK due to FCA).

  • Add currency filter in ETF search
  • Display stock/ETF performance since inception, not since it was added to Trading212
  • Add EUR versions for many ETFs which are available only in GBP and USD
  • Remove the leveraged funds from the Equity Funds category and move them in their own category
  • Be able to fund pie from bank account

Thats a great idea, should he reasonably simple to implicate as well

Yes I would love stuff like this, and to take it further like being able to benchmark a pie or individual holding against other stocks/index. Also for it to happen from your exact purchase points.

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Can’t underscore how much the autoinvest from free funds is needed.

  • In specie transfers

  • Upcoming dividends / dividend section showing income per month, year etc.

  • Withdrawal method choice
    I know it’s AML policy, not saying to whatever you want. Choose from the already used/linked ones


Withdrawal method choice +1


The problem is to what extent? You could deposit £10 then try to withdraw £50k

On the other hand, what happens when you paid by card years ago and that bank account is now closed?


I’d like pie level transaction history

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Consistently quick trade execution. (I know market conditions, liquidity etc, play a role… but still…)

Although not a feature, improvements in core functionality should be a focus before any cosmetic features IMO.

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