Investment leagues competition

T212 should create some sort of running league or competition where prizes are awarded every day/month/year for the investors that produce the best returns (based on % not monetary value). The prizes could be funded partly by yourselves or by the users for participation in the events. Think there would be a lot of interest.


Great idea! I’ve actually spent the last few weeks coding a stock league competition. You play it by typing commands in Discord and the league updates in realtime using google finance. This is the channel here:

You can see the live leaderboard here:

There’s no physical prizes apart from bragging rights, which are priceless anyway, right? There’s a load of us from T212 and other brokers and I just launched it in the last week so get in early to get those gains!

Wouldn’t that incentivise risky investment behaviour while in pursuit of small rewards?


It seems like a lot of people here plan to be millionaires overnight. :wink:

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A stock that I think has a decent potential (Neurones - Ticker: NRO, Stock Exchange: EPA - Paris) is still not available on T212, but can I include it either way and just date the price to whenever I requested it? :smiley:

If it’s just a matter of % return it should not make a difference.

I get your point and partially agree.
However, if it’s just a matter of percentage return (profit margin) then you could just by a fraction of that stock, spend like 1 EUR/GBP/USD and take part in the “league” without risking a significant part of your portfolio ;).

I use the Discord server linked above by @AchillesFirstStand, definitely the best way to run a risk free stock prediction league.


I do as well – it’s tremendous fun.

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