Find out when stocks dividend pays

Hi @Bogi.H and the team,

Just wondering if it would be possible to implement a feature somewhere on the app which shows when each dividend pays for each stock?

I know we can go on various websites such as dividendmax but it would be useful to be in the app as well.

Is this something you can consider?


This might happen sooner than you think, @Mr.Trade - keep an eye on your notifications :wink:


+1 for this. Would also love this information.


Having a Dividends section for each stock would be great. It would also be great if they could be added to the Economic Calendar (with a filter for only the stocks that you hold).

EDIT: wow, it’s already in the web app (but not the mobile app)!


+1 for this too! I use a external app atm, stock events

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Do you know when this will be rolled out to all please? Had a look and it’s not enabled for me.

Great to see the website getting this useful info. It would also be good to see the amount X your current holding.

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I can see this now. Very useful!

Is there anyway this can be enabled in Economic Calendar so I can see from one place the dividend events that are upcoming @Bogi.H ?

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We definitely plan to expand the feature, allowing users to check dividend events within a calendar. However, I can’t provide an ETA yet.


It would also be useful if it also displays what dividend you expect depending how many shares you hold.

Is this possible?

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at the moment you could try which does this. It takes into account when you held the shares as well as predicting upcoming dividends