Finding stocks to day trade


I have been scanning for stocks that might be appropriate to trade using third party scanning tools, however from my experience so far, trading 212 seldom has the instrument listed when I go to search it.

If you’ve found a successful way to scan for day trading for stocks available on T212, I’d appreciate if you could share your insights on the matter!

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I personally use their internal API to grab their actual list of stocks which is near 10,000 currently. Then grab their charts and perform some basic maths and weighting to show either good LTH or swings etc. I haven’t used it to day trade but it could with work.

The only trouble I have is newly added stock don’t have the chart history.

But it works as a pretty decent screener and caught GGP when it was 6-7p

It would be nice if T212 built their own. The nearest thing is looking at Risers/Fallers of what’s trending.