Drag n Drop Charts and Other QOL Suggestions

Hi all,
Drag N Drop:
Please add in the ability to drag a chart I’ve opened into a watchlist… It’s very clunky when digging through charts to have to search for an instrument a 2nd time if I’m interested just to add it to a list.

Day Demarcation:
If I’m looking at a chart that spans multiple days, can you please add two tone shading so it clearly marks the different days? Will make it far easier to spot patterns and be less tiring on the eyes.

Stock Scanner:
I’m using a few external tools (which is a shame) to find stocks I’m interested in. This has highlighted a couple of issues.

  1. I shouldn’t really need to use external tools to find stocks, why is there no scanner in Trading 212?

  2. 95% of the tickers the external tools are giving me to look at are not on Trading 212 (I understand we’re supposed to be getting 10k new tickers - great), a scanner that scans through the tickers that are actually ON Trading 212 would be VERY useful.

Thanks all