Screener/Filter Function

It is daunting and quite frustrating to literally have to search every single stock on our watchlist only to receive a “No Results Found”. May I suggest that under (, we could screen/filter all instruments available in the platform by ticking buttons and of course, add more columns that are important like change, price, volume, market cap etc2x. Additionally, perhaps you give us access to a repository of all recently added instruments. I have to copy all instruments in the platform, paste them in excel, use formulas to get their MC, Price, Volume etc2x then compare what this platform has to my screened stocks from finviz and tradingview. And because you add instruments all the time, I have to do this every week. It is time-consuming and I’m not a programmer that knows data mining or whatever to automate this for me.
I am just trying to think of ideas and the more knowledgeable I become, I have found out that the platform is now becoming restrictive. Please make T212 great. Thanks. :joy: