Finding the listed stocks and shares in the t212 isa

Hi T212,

Can I see what stocks and shares you list in the Trading 212 ISA ahead of opening one this April?

Also is there Waitlist for the ISA? I currently have an INVEST Account.



Hi @Ckingdom16 as a fellow user I sometimes use this search link (below) to see if a stock is available on a specific account (ISA/Invest/CFD):

This should lead you directly to the ISA part.

As a rule of thumb, all stocks available in an Invest account are available in ISA, except the following:
-ADRs/GDRs of non-HMRC compliant exchanges such as most chinese stocks (Nio, Tencent, etc… a notable exception is Alibaba) as well as those from other countries such as Sea Limited.
-OTC stocks


Yes, new accounts (including existing clients who want to add an account) are on hold at present.

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Is there an Excel/CSV file version of the trading ISA Trading Instruments?

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I think @Finki had produced something like that.

Have a search around the forum and see if you find it. Or look at his posts (from his profile).

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Cheers thanks a lot will do!

I think this is the one / one of them:

It seems to be from October, so there may be a newer version somewhere. :slight_smile:

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Finki has a website with useful tools such as a “Dividend data” (Note: I have not used it) and an “ETF finder” if you want to find an ETF that includes a particular stock or if you want to see the top 30 (I think) holdings of an ETF. I have used the latter quite a few times :smiley: .

Ok Thanks again will check it out.

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I’ll make you a new one now… give me 10 minutes…

Quick rehash of the current Trading 212 Stock Universe in CSV for download

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Thanks dude.

Dividend data is available in the API for free

There’s a daily list of Dividends and upcoming dividends from Trading212 Stocks somewhere…forgot the URL

and Etf Search thingy is here… FinKi ETF Search

and Stock Search is here … FinKi - Stock Search


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