First time investment plan help

Some would say it’s not worth the effort, and I hold the all-cap fund in my Sipp and Isa, but the savings can be significant over time. Over 40 years at £300 a month, as a rough example, you could be looking at about £15k in charges rather than £30k.

I did not mean expensive stock price, well yes i did mean expensive stock price but on comparative basis. price to earnings, price to book, price to free cash flow etc.

Please don’t take this condescending but I just realised I forgot to mention the most important thing. It is sincere advice, you can buy a few good books and should cost you about £100-150 but trust me it is worth it.

I copied following from another post of mine in another thread.

I don’t know how young/old you are but I think everyone who remotely considers trading should read Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham, and Irrational Exuberance Bob Shiller.

Rich dad poor dad by Kiyosaki will hammer the idea about educating yourself about finance while rudely pointing out the differences between classes.

If you want to read about dividends, “The Single Best Investment” by Lowel Miller is probably the best one despite being old.

Yes I am a dinosaur, I don’t own a kindle still buy hard cover books, and use youtube to watch LPL Vods :man_shrugging:

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Yep. I am planning to use 212 ISA, as my £500/month will be under £20K ISA limit.

Yep. My investment plan is for 15 years, so yeah I need to look at the management prices and see what’s the best option.

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Thanks. I am definitely keen to learn more about investing. Proper books for knowledgeable professionals is always a good start.

It can be cheaper if you weight it correctly, but some of the regional ones have a much higher fee so if you weight wrong it ends up having a higher one than the all world. I agree with using the one created by @Donald_Duck if getting both all world coverage and the absolute best expense ratio is the goal.

@Enlil the problem with the msci world etf over the FTSE All-World is that MSCI World doesn’t contain EM so you either need to compensate or miss a potential opportunity (not that I see much opportunity,but who knows what will happen in the future).


Don’t forget about governmental requests for information, business emergencies, or other risks posed to your company and stakeholders. You need experts to assist with developing risk management strategies and compliance efforts to mitigate risk exposure.

Very useful. Thank you for the knowledge and your time

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