Thoughts on current newbie investments 💭

Hope you’re safe and well. As a new investor with £350 I have taken this approach - 3 ETFs and 3 stocks I consider worthy. Please could you give me your honest opinion (whether I should invest 1 less / differing ETFs etc) I am interested in the LSE :seedling:

Thanks in advance!

Portfolio is what it is.

Make sure you due dil Glencore. They’re a big company but they’re practically crooks, with a very chequered past of death, bribery, director asylum and FBI investigation.

My only queries would be what are you trying to achieve with the ETFs? The three singles you’ve bought are already in the ETF so you’ve got crossover there and the ETFs are like a half attempt to cover the world, but missing lots of key areas.

VFEM is pretty pants for an emerging markets fund imo misses out S.Korea.


My opinion, cine stocks are very cheap but you never now when UK returns to normality. I wouldn’t touch them . What I find attractive in UK market right now is National Grid and BP.

I made some money with Easyjet , but for the moment i treat these investments as speculative and risky.

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What is your logic for buying these stocks?

Sell us on why we should invest.

There is no normality anymore… if you are buying a company that the business model cannot survive without the “previous normality”, don’t expect to have any substation gains for many years, IF the company survives.

So it’s not ideal to buy a stock that’s already in the ETF? Would you recommend another Emerging ETF - also - would you prefer the Vanguard ETF or the IShares? Or neither? I’ve not considered coverage of areas - is this necessary? Thanks!!

The best thing to do is just a simple Google search and it will easily tell you the top 10 holdings in the ETF. There’s not much point buying more individually if it’s heavily weighted in the ETF. And also make sure there isn’t too much overlap in the ETFS you’re buying, or you might as well just pick one. Then the last thing you need to consider is the fee. Vanguard usually has the lowest, but if you prefer different ETF then go for it. But I wouldn’t touch one that’s over 0.6% personally. The more broad the ETF, such as all cap, or global, the safer it will be, but that also limits the potential upside too. But it’s the best place to start, and you can slowly figure out your next move over time. It’s not like yore stuck with what you choose now forever.

If your plan is to diversify, try get into some more segments of the world with other ETFs.
US / Eurozone / Japan / Emerging markets etc…

Cineworld seems a poor choice imo. I think a business like that doesn’t have many future prospects when the world is going more digital by the second. Hate cinemas though, so im biased.

Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB) and BP PLC (BP) I feel will have a nice pull back, 50 - 100% gains im sure.

Have some fun in the markets, ultimately go with your own convictions.


BP is a nice investment , with oil above these levels , the div is most likely safe and it’s huge.

[quote=“MrGardner, post:1, topic:8145”]
Hope you’re safe and well. As a new investor with £350 I have taken this approach - 3 ETFs and 3 stocks I consider worthy. Please could you give me your honest opinion (whether I should invest 1 less / differing ETFs etc) I am interested in the LSE :seedling:

Thanks in advance!
Here’s an update

I’ve tried to cover health, IT mostly

I don’t think a bit of ETF overlap is bad if the overlap is on particularly good and strong companies. just make sure you are covering enough bases that you are interested and knowledgeable.

seems like a smart move to sell the cineworld while it’s at a profit and put the money towards other better picks.

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You don’t think the Cine Stock will rise as the country slowly reopens? What do you think a strong alternative could be? Thanks Dao!

They’ve grown 48% in a month

With regards to Cineworld, they will grow in the short term, but I don’t hold much hope for long term due to compounding debt and they’ve joined Odeons stance against Universal too which isn’t helping them neither. So whether you want to hold this a bit longer or sell and put your money into something longer term is your decision. ETFS suggest long term gains

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They usually say buy when blood is on the street.

So far Covid19 made blood on streer for Airlines , travel&tourism, REIT industries.

Looking in those industries for players with best balance sheet, but also how much stomach you got.

CINE is indebted business, while I dont believe like many tout destruction of mortar and brick type business. There are far better opportunities to “gamble”.

Anyway if you got them at March low prices, you will make money in 99% of cases. As market overreacted to covid19, same as did scientists. Fear of unknown.

CCL was priced like it would never sail a cruise again. If you picked up CCL at those low points, you will probably make fortune. Similar with rest, however prices recovered since, so currently I would look for best in breed.

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If you look at Cineworld as a whole, even before the crash, it’s been on downward trend since April 2019

It crashed at around 180, so there will be a converging point where the two will meet. My amateur predictions would be around 130, the next support line it was heading too, pre COVID