Forex trading general question

Hi there,
I am very new to it and have a few questions, sorry if they are basic.
Do I have to pay anything to use CFD Forex trading on here?
What the minimum account size for forex trading ?
Thank you


There are no fees or commissions when using Trading212.
If you wish to trade CFD’s, just bare in mind if you are opening positions which you intend to keep open overnight, there will be a fee which gets deducted called the SWAP. These fees can be seen by viewing the data in the right hand column and scrolling down.

This is also where you will see how much margin you can obtain, 1:30 is shown in my example.

I think the minimum account size is £10. But some stocks have minimum order amounts, of say 500 for example.
Although I would suggest starting with more than that. Ideally use the demo account until you feel comfortable trading.

As a new user, make sure you have it set up to simulate a retail account.
Go into settings and select the following:

Lastly, always make sure you realise that you buy on the buy price and sell on the sell price.
The charts are set up to show the “SELL” price by default.

Good luck & have fun trading!

Thank you!
It was very helpful :slight_smile: