Forgot to add reference number when depositing funds!


I deposited funds into the Trading 212 account but forgot to add the reference. Now I don’t see the money in my ISA account.

Please can someone check this.

Many thanks


You can find more information here:

I would also advise submitting your query directly to our support staff here.

Hi all,

Just after some advice. I deposited £1000 in to my shares trading account and accidentally missed out the ‘reference number’ (my mistake) from the bank transfer. All other details correct ie account number and sort code. I’ve emailed explained the situation and they initially said after receiving my proof of transfer that it would be passed to the finance department to allocate the funds to my account.
This was over 3 days ago and after asking for an update 3 times through the initial email I’ve had no response what so ever.

Starting to become concerned I may never see my money again.

Can anyone from 212 help??

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I sent a bank transfer on Monday 11/01/21 without a reference. I have been in contact with support and I’ve received an email back explaining that it may take up to 3 days to receive the transfer. It’s now been 3 days, but I haven’t received any communication from Trading 212.

Please could someone advise, as I am starting to get concerned.

Reference number aids T212 to distribute funds to proper account in timely fashion.

However even without it , they have sender details to Reference for distribution.

It may take longer then usual, but I would not worry, as you can provide support evidence of transaction in any scenario.

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Hi Jordan, could you keep me up to date on wether you do receive the money in to your account. Good to know I’m not the only one to forget!

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Well, to be fair, I did put my Reference number and all details as defined in my T212 account, and still am waiting for a bank transfer done 19 days ago… without support being able to explain where my money is…

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As Theo mentioned, we’re working conscientiously on the volume of requests and BankWire transfers can take a bit longer to be processed.

Nonetheless, I’d like to thank you for bringing this up, as we’ve been able to investigate it further and I can confirm that the funds have now been allocated to your account. :blush:

Thanks, everyone for your patience and understanding so far!

I confirm in my case the deposit was finally processed this morning.
Nevertheless, it would be good to understand what was the issue, if it was related with the Brexit (and the transfers processing suffered delays between the intermediaries), if it was some details I typed wrong when creating the transfer, if it was issues on Barclays Bank when processing the money to my Reference account… anything would be helpful, in order to try and not repeat it.
Because no one wants to have their money disappear for 2 weeks again…


I’ve sent you a DM, @ValkiR. :slight_smile:

Check your inbox. :postbox:

Yes!! It came through!! Thank you so much for looking into this.

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