Deposit from EU bank is delayed

Hello everybody,

I am fairly new to Trading212 and I am testing various features before committing to long term use and large funds to it. So far I am satisfied with the logic, service availability and performance.

I have transferred a small amount from Revolut and it arrived within hours. However, I have tried to transfer a test amount of 50 euros from my bank in Greece on the 13th of Jan 2021 and now 10 days later nothing has happened. I have opened a ticket and they were very polite, but no feedback (we will do our best, we are looking into it, we have too many requests etc. )

I wouldn’t want to imagine what would happen if I have transferred thousands of euros with no idea what happened to my money :slight_smile: does anyone else has the same experience ? how long does this process usually takes? Is it because I am using a bank in EU?
do you know if they give priority to large amounts only

Thanks for the support


@team212 That one is for you I guess…

@adamevan It happened to me a couple of times but you’ll get your money eventually :wink:

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Out of interest how much did your greek bank charge you for your 50€ direct bank transfer to UK?

thank you @Enlil … how much time did you had to wait till the money got transfered ? I am trying to find what was the problem, so I can have my money in a reasonable amount of time

hi there … it charges 1 euro

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The most common reasons for a similar delay is either a mismatch in the name (your Trading 212 account info and the personal details in the bank wire slip), or a missing account ID from the reference note. Regardless, you can be absolutely certain the funds will be allocated - we’re working tirelessly to catch up with the volume.

I’ll send you a DM so we can discuss further your case.

I’m waiting for a deposit right now :slight_smile:
Sent Jan 18th, not received as of Jan 25th.
Happened before, will happen again.
I’m not worried.
This is just the way it is for now as T212 is growing :+1: