Deposit hasn't come through because of a problem - ✅ Solved


I am new to trading 212 and did a deposit about a week ago. I am a student so I wanted to invest the savings I have in safe trading pies you guys are making. Now there went something wrong with the transaction. The wrong reference code was used. Now I already contacted the help centre a few times and they are looking into it. But still, I am worried. The communication is running slow. So I am wondering if anyone has any experience with deposits that were misplaced? I can’t afford myself to lose it all because of a transactional mistake. The right bankcode etc. was used. I am just looking for confirmation from someone who has experienced the same problem as I do, to temper my worries.

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Have you tried this? It is probably sat in a client money account pending return.

Hey Dougal,

Thank you for the tip, I already started different conversations through this help centre. They responded but always very basic. “We are looking for it” or “We will get back to you soon”. I am not doubting the fact that they are actually looking into it. I am just concerned because you hear a lot of scam possibilities and I am just afraid that there is a possibility that I’ll never see my money again.

As we’ve mentioned on a few other topics, deposits via BankWire can take a bit longer than the usual to be processed, because the volume of requests and interest we’re currently experiencing are record-breaking.

Other than that, I can assure you that your funds are now allocated and waiting inside your account. Once you log-in you should receive a pop-up message which you’ll need to confirm and you’ll be ready to go. :slight_smile:


I can confirm that the money was allocated to my account this very moment.
So I just wanna thank you for the response. Sorry if I was kinda harsh but the uncertainty and lack of communication got my freaked out.

So thanks to you guys a lot, omw to (hopefully) make some money :wink:


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