Forum Suggestions

I’m a regular visitor to the forum and I think it does a great job of pointing people in the right direction and is generally a pretty valuable resource. One of the things I see often is people having to explain the same thing over and over again to different people. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the stocks and ETFs requests category.

Would someone with the right permissions be able to create a sticky post highlighting the requirements for an instrument to be added?

Penny stock exempt, a link to the OTC markets website so they can check and other volume requirements. Also, a link to IBKRs list of available instruments (I know this is already available but I’ve been unable to find it through searching!).

Thanks for all the background work that goes on to keep this place going!


Has to be on Interactive Broker - Searching the IB Contract and Symbol Database | Interactive Brokers LLC
Has to be on an exchange 212 support
I think this is best checked in the App, not sure if there is a website link.

This thread might be useful: