Fractional share request - FIZZ & CPRI

Please could you add fractional shares for the above two stocks? I’d love to add them into one of the pies :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance and great work on this platform, so much better than Degiro which is what used to use :+1:

@Team212 @George any chance these can be some of the next batch of fractional shares?

@Team212 @George? Any update on this please? Appreciate you guys are very very busy :slight_smile:

There is rather big queue for fractionals and stocks alike. So the patience is your friend… :beer:


Okily dokily :+1: thanks @Vedran just seen a couple turned round really quick so wasn’t aware of the large queue :smiley:

@Team212 @George any chance you have any idea of a rough ETA? :slight_smile:

@Team212 @martin @George @david any idea of eta or when the next tranche of stocks will be added?