Fractional shares, cfd minimum quantities

When an investor buys or sells a fraction of a share, even though the value might be more than 50 euros, or even more than 100 euros, the investor can not place pending orders thus being deprived to buy or sell or sell at predetermined prices. This acts as a deterrent for buying fractions. And I don’t see what’s the point. There are many good stocks with share prices over 300, even 600-700 $ that otherwise would be have been bought by more investors. Also, there are some very high threshold requirements for minimum number of shares for placing cfds bets on shares, like the minimum bet is 5 shares of LMVH (current price 620 euros per share). On another note, I notices lack of Belgium physical shares on offer - just few.

Not being able to set limit orders on fractions makes T212 almost useless as a serious trading tool imho. You simply can’t manage risk using this tool. I’m moving on…

Welcome and goodbye Jez!