Fractional shares/ETFs

It’d be good to just buy £10 of SWDA rather than need not only the current price of SWDS but SWDA+5%

I guess you’d only provide fractional options in some batched operation instead of instant buy/sell so you can group them together

We are already working on that.

And because we don’t believe in partial solutions you’ll be able to trade fractions using instant buy or sell orders.


It’ll be interesting to see what it’s like. I had 10p disappear when doing a transaction a while ago (not since)… hopefully the issue was fixed permanently and won’t happen with fractionals too. In the meantime I’ll continue taking before and after screenshots though :smiley:

If you provide more details about your transaction, we will be able to chase your 10p.

As you can imagine, with $ billions in transaction volume going through our systems every day, our execution is absolutely precise and accurate.

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@ukcz So, I’ve checked your case with the missing 10p in October. After recovering your loss of 10p, we found the nasty little bug and fixed it. :bug:


Nice :+1: yeah I haven’t noticed it since