Detective Monk Issue


I got an ‘issue’, hope someone can relate.
I put a limit buy order for x shares. It got filled for less than x shares. Now I have 477,84609343 shares on top of my round number of 51000 shares.

I want to get rid of the fractional shares either by buying or selling the difference. Sadly that’s not possible since my order can have only 1 decimal place. It is driving me crazy x.X

Is there a fix without selling the whole position?

In the grand scheme of things it does not matter I guess. Thought I would ask if someone is as crazy as me and knows what to do xD

Hi. Try adding the stock to a pie. Then extract the odd 0.xxxxxxxx part so it separates in your overall portfolio and simply sell all from your portfolio, not the pie. Hope this makes sense, however worked for me ages ago, someone suggested to me and it works :grinning:

Or better, create a pie and only import the full shares, and leave the odd bits outside, then sell them from your portfolio. Then extract the full shares back from the pie and then delete the pie as no longer needed. That might work even better :+1:

This page from the forum was the one that helped me - PIES Import / Export fractionals :sunglasses:


Will give it a try when I am back from work! Awesome, thank you!! <3

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No worries, good luck :+1: