Fractional shares request plus another request

Hi I want to thank you first for adding fundsmith emerging equity as a fractional share option now I can add it to my emerging markets pie

I would like to make another request. Could you make templeton emerging markets investment trust as a fractional share also.

One final request I have is when are you going to add open ended funds like fundsmith equity fund. I have been waiting for this for more than half a year now. It would be really nice and helpful to have everything kept together. I wouldn’t mind paying for this eswell if you decide to put it behind a paywall like a 2£ a month will be ok with me but to have a option to buy open ended funds will be really nice

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Would you have a ticker or something to identify what you are asking?

Yeah Templeton Emerging Markets ticker is TEM.

If you search it up on Google you will be able to find it.

I’m afraid it could be years before T212 offers OEICs such as Fundsmith Equity. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I’ve come across any suggestion that it’s in the pipeline. That said, once the Sipp is launched, I imagine funds will move up the pecking order because many will be hesitant to switch without access to them.

It was more the fact you were asking for something to be added, without clearly identifying what it was.

My concern would be that it consistently trades about 5-10% discount to NAV, but that offsets it’s general underperformance for the past 10 years.

The good news is it is available on Interactive Brokers.

Oh yeah I know that it trades at a discount and most emerging markets investment trust if not all also trade at a discount. It has been able to outperform it’s benchmark over the long term which is good

The investment trust is available on trading 212 I can buy it from there but I was hoping it could be a fractional share because I want to add it my pie

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