[Fractionals] Meituan and BeiGene

Any chance MPNGY and BNGE could be made fractional please @Team212? Those are the only two in my portfolio that I cannot buy by value rather than number of units.

I run my own company where I’m managing director with seven employees under my wing (I have proofs:) so I know best and these two should be made fractional immediately. :laughing:


I run a pie with over 100 copies, and my investors and I are missing out on huge gains because Trading 212 won’t add these companies. I feel you, all of our investors and myself should be fully compensated for this missed opportunity due to Trading 212’s lack of response AFTER 24 HOURS!! Ridiculous I’m moving to Freetrade :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


This market manipulation needs to stop, I don’t need T212’s advice about which fractional shares I can and cannot buy. :rage:

It’s been nearly THREE weeks now. I’m missing out on MASSIVE gains on the spare change I wanted to invest in these two. At this rate, I may have to get my law suit dry cleaned :rage: :laughing:

Jokes aside, any chance these two could be added to the fractonal list when you get a minute please @David @Martin @PeterA @Rumen? By the way, keep up the good work guys and don’t let the bastards grind you down!

MPNGY is now fractional. Is the other stock you are referring to BGNE (BeiGene, Ltd.)?

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Thanks @Rumen, you beautiful, beautiful man! Guess it pays to be nice sometimes :grin: Yes, that’s a typo, should be BGNE as you say!

BGNE is also fractional! :+1:

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Boomshanka! Thanks @Rumen, you’re a star!