Free financial news sources

What are people using, I like yahoo but it spits up too much ‘motley fool’ and similar which are just a bloke chatting bollocks half the time and days later another article contradicting themselves.
So looking more for a factual based thing with indepth financials analysis rather than opinion pieces.


ps. Motley Fool podcasts are decent though.

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I’m afriad that in-depth analysis on stocks can be hard to find without having to pay something. This kind of analysis often takes a lot of time and effort to find a good company and then research it effectively. I’ve included some of the free sources I use below:

Seeking Alpha has some articles that are free to view - some are for Premium users but I appreciated that some are for free.

Morning Star also has some articles that are free to read:

Both may require you to sign-up but you can sign-up with throw-away email addresses if you prefer.

I also like occassionally check the likes of Hindenbergy Resesarch (just in case they put out an exposé on a company I am following). These are the guys that exposed Nikola for using a truck rolling down a hill in their advert rather than under propulsion of their engine system.

Also interested to hear what others might use

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Somewhat shamefully, I use a browser extension to read the FT, Economist etc for free.

Share magazine is free if you sign up with your email.

It’s a magazine by Aj bell. I get it through Readly though which is 9.99 a month but you get two months free and there’s Bloomberg, fortune etc on there also.

The granddaddy of them all …the 160 year old Investors Chronicle…it doesn’t get better than this anywhere…well worth a subscription…

Does anyone watch any Live TV youtube channels like Bloomberg Finance, or tune in to Ian King live on sky. Does anyone find its useful to listen in or tune in to these channels?

& for giggles:

Enjoy :slight_smile: :v:

Care to share (or pm) :innocent: I would love to read FT but can’t justify the price for amount I have invested currently

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For the FT you can also Google the articles and open them that way, it gets through the wall.

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I’d also love to know what this extension is. Or if there is a way to read freely on mobile? doesn’t have a paywall and although not exactly news, has some well written articles on their stick recommendations.

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