TIKR - another free analysis resource

Invite only this. Don’t say I’m not good to you. :wink:

@Vedran, no graphs that I can see, but would be good to hear what you think of the Estimates section.


Will need to digest over weekend. Lot of info and not very mobile friendly. Thanks for share. Will comeback l4t0rz :partying_face:

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find me a “backdoor” into benzinga option alerts plx :pray:


Just came accross this website.

Did you think it was any good?

Is it free?

Thanks @Joey_Fantana!

Out of curiosity is there something that this tool stands out, compared to others? I know about finviz, is it related?

@EquityInvestor @clearsea - wallmine is still my favoured tool and I really like Koyfin too.

What I use TIKR for the most is the forecasting tools, as it looks ahead a number of years in some cases and provides forecasted earnings, revenues, etc.

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Did anyone try www.sharesight.com?
I get their commercial thrown to me on almost all youtube videos.