Recommendations on financial data sources, news info. streams etc


There’s obviously a plethora of information out there on financial instruments available to all !
I read and digest many Internet areas but it takes so long to extract and even then there is contradictory information. Would anybody have advice on what “data/info” sources they trust or feel confident in maybe as a top 5-6 list ? Are the big media feeds any better than Bloomberg/Reuters etc? Is it literally down to constantly researching for those snippets of information…

Also for more experienced traders do you see paying for info/data that many companies offer as essential to go to “next” level to be successful? Some prices are extraordinary and I cannot justify it for myself at this time.

Many Thanks for with advice/ideas you may be able to provide.
(PS - I also like to research on the forums before posting anything and I could not locate anything relating to this subject)

Oops :roll_eyes: found an existing post!